NetEnt is one of the best casino studios in the market today. They are known to bring innovative ideas into software solutions that entertain and also help the gamblers to make some cash. For the Canadian players, you can visit to enjoy different casinos from NetEnt and also free games and different bonuses.

Ways to contact NetEnt

Net ent casinos are known to entertain players and at the same time help them win. For United Kingdom players, you can win a lot of money without the need to deposit any cash. Visit site to enjoy a variety of games. As a player, you will need to contact customer support at some point.

The need for customer support arises when something goes wrong. The customer has put the money at stake and has the right to get instant answers to any technicality. Most of the instance feedback may not solve the problem but it will help the customer to understand how and when the solution will be found.

  • Qualities of good customer support
  • Different ways to contact NetEnd
  • Why email is not effective
  • Recomendations


Qualities of good customer suppot

The most important quality is the convenience. For the gamblers to build trust with a casino, they should be guaranteed that the customer support team will be there for them when the need arises. Another vital quality of a good casino is the ability to respond to their specific problems without any delay.

Online chat is the most preferred since it entails members from support teach responding to customers instantly. Even acknowledging the receipt of the complaint is enough to reduce customer tension. Having a 24/7 chat tool builds confidence in players. The tool should be placed in a position where it can be accessed with ease.

Different ways to contact NetEnd

After visiting NetEnt official site, you will easily find contact us page. You will have to choose the area of interest. There are different departments such as Sales, Affiliate, Investor, Press, Infor, and work. Each department has its own unique email address but one common phone number (phone is not available in both Sales and Affiliate).

Pros and Cons of Using Email

Email is more convenient if you dont want instant feedback. You can send it and check the feedback at your free time. It is also good if you want to keep a record. However, it is hard to get quick feedback. There is also no guarantee that the email was received since they use traditional emailing.

  • Email is not convenient for instant feedback.
  • Email is good as a way to keep records

How Effective is Phone Service

Making a call to the office can provide instant feedback. However, phone calls are received on official working hours. Phone calls are also subjected to tariffs and more expensive in case you want to talk more. It could be better if the telephone bill was covered by the casinos (use of toll-free number).

Conclusion and Verdict

NetEnt is by far the best casino provider in the market. However, they have failed when it comes to contacting their support team. Use of traditional email does not guarantee whether the question whas received. Their phone number is also subjected to tariffs and thus may not be economical to customers. If possible they should make it a toll-free.