One term you need to grasp before venturing into online casino games is Return To Player (RTP). This ratio is expressed as a percentage and refers to the percentage of the money returned to players over time. Visit netentcasinos for more info. Understanding this ratio is important as it helps you choose your games wisely.

How RTP Affects Players

Before you choose your favorite slots, you need to have a look at the RTP offered by the online casino. Although some casinos don't display the RTPs for their different games, you are lucky to have Netent. It displays the RTP for each game so you can know what to expect. Visit to find out more information.

Although this percentage is theoretical, it helps to boost your morale as a player. For instance, if you place bets worth 100 Euros and the RTP is 98%, you will expect the casino to give you back 98 Euros if you hit a win. This means that you are better off going for games with maximum RTPs.

  • RTP determines the amount casino gives back to a player after a win.
  • Choose games with the highest RTP
  • The percentage is theoretical.

The rate of Return To Player plays a critical role in the authenticity of an online casino game. You would have nothing to worry about if you can see the RTP displayed before you start playing the game. But some players have some misgivings when playing games whose RTP is hidden. You can play Netent games with confidence.

RTP Not A Surety of A Win

Nevertheless, you shouldn't get carried away by high RTPs. It is not a surety of a win. When placing your stakes, be sure to exercise lots of caution. Casino games are designed in such a way that you can win all the time. You will be losing most of the time, otherwise, you will drive them out of business!

Loading Up Netent Slots RTP

It is important to load up Netent slots RTP before you begin to play Netent slots online. Some sites will already have them displayed, but for others, you may have to do it yourself. Always check on the site for RTP options so that you can click on them to see the RTPs.

Netent's High RTPs

Anything above 93% can be considered a high RTP. Most of Netent's games range between 93 and 98% RTP, hence, boasting of the highest percentages in the market. So, you may not really need to scroll through the long list of great titles from Netent. Just pick your favorite slot game and start playing right away.

  • Most slot games from Netent have high RTPs
  • The RTP ranges from 93 to 98%


Choosing the Best Netent Casino

The RTP may not make a difference to you if you don't play from a reputable Netent online casino. You need to first choose one before signing up. The best online casino should have licensing and should be allowed to operate in your country. If it fulfills these requirements, it is the right place for you to game.

Netent RTP Bottom Line

One reason to play Netent games could be its high RTP. Look for any reputable casino offering games from Netent and sign up. Before you start placing your bets, make sure you understand the implication of games based on luck. For this reason, do not bet with what you cannot afford to lose.